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About YCM India

YCM was founded because when asked, most people answered 'true' to the following statements.

  • I have been involved in a minor disagreement, a heated argument or a full blown fight with someone.
  • Disputes distract focus from what really matters in life, such as happiness, growth and peace of mind (be it in the personal or professional domain).
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • I will be valued in my organization if I can prevent or manage disputes effectively with various stakeholders.
  • I have not been trained to deal with conflicts and find solutions on my own.
  • Are these true for you too?
  • YCM equips and empowers you with skills and services to convert conflict into growth opportunities

YCM Values


I take responsibility for every word I say and build on my ability to respond vs. react.


I am a leader with or without a tag. I commit and I show up for myself and for those around me to build a reliable system.

Role Modelling

I practice what I believe and I believe what I practice before I preach.

Self To Society

I constantly travel to-&-fro between self to society for self-awareness. I experiment with a change on myself before I propose a societal level change.

Human Connection

I use compassionate language to build human connection by recognizing needs, and feelings and developing strategies to meet needs and achieve satisfaction.

Sustainability + Growth

I build bottom-up sustainable models and networks. I grow, I co-support those around me to grow and the system we are a part of grows consequentially.

Team YCM

Conflict Coach | Lead Trainer
Mediator | U.K. Mediation Council
Lawyer | Bar Council of India
Chevening Scholar SOAS London
LL.M. Dispute Resolution & Linguistics

Kudrat Dev

Chief Of Staff at YCM
Mediator | International Academy of Mediators
Graduate of Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Aditya Aryan

Outreach Lead, Gujarat Chapter At YCM Mediator | SIMI Level 1 and ADR ODR International

Nausha Naik

Assistant and Growth Lead at YCM Aspiring Mediator

YCM Advisors And Mentors

Sriram Panchu

Senior Mediator and Advocate

Mel Bruce

Mediation trainer
accredited community mediator

Jeevan B Panda

Partner and Arbitrator
Khaitan & Co

Ajay Pandey

Professor at Jindal Global University
Ex-Member National Legal Services Authority

Ishani Sen

Learning Voyages, Pravah

Michael Bartlet

Mediator at Alban Resolution Centre and CEDR. Senior Lecturer at SOAS