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We provide dispute prevention and resolution services for conflict management and mediation. We also provide support in building a dispute prevention and dispute resolution culture. We empower through trainings and policies and support through conflict coaching and mediation services.

Resolution Services

We provide services and support to address and resolve conflicts. Conflict Coaching and Mediation services are two different methods which can be used. Opt for resolution services to transform your conflict into a growth opportunity.

Conflict Coaching​

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one experience designed to coach individuals to handle conflicts on their own and to turn them into growth opportunities.

  • when you wish to proactively address the conflict.
  •  when the issue is at an early stage and there is some tension.
  •  when you wish to realize the root cause of the conflict.

Mediation Service

Mediation is a facilitative process which is voluntary and confidential. Use facilitative mediation to resolve a conflict case with the assistance of an expert mediator.

  • You have the power to make decisions and choices.
  • You can attempt resolving your dispute or conflict in a confidential and safe space.
  • Mutual collaboration leads to effective and long-lasting results.

Dispute Prevention

Dispute Prevention entails the development of mechanisms and processes with the aim of identifying conflicts early and addressing them before they turn into complicated disputes.

Build an Amicable Culture at Your Organization

An important aspect of transforming conflict into growth opportunities is to inculcate a culture which allows promotes addressing the conflict and empowers you to deal with the conflict yourself.

YCM Chapters

YCM Chapters are platforms for learning, honing, and mastering the important life skills of conflict management, conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation. A platform for growth while having fun.


Trainings enable you to build an awareness around the kinds of conflicts that occur in different settings and how you can address these conflicts to transform them into growth opportunities. We empower you through experiential learning supported by theory.

  •  Customizable trainings focusing on your specific needs.
  • Practical learning for increased confidence.
  • Continued support post training to further develop skills.

Creating Amicable Resolution Contractual Clauses

An amicable dispute or conflict resolution clause in your contract will allow you to deal with conflicts or disputes in a collaborative and efficient manner.

Policy Drafting

We can co-creat a policy for amicable grievance redressal and conflict management at your organization. Build a culture for an amicable and a solution-oriented approach to every problem at your organization, big or small.