1. Privacy Policy: By using our website, you give consent to use data filled in by you for the purpose of any analytics by YCM, partners and associated individuals for future promotional purposes or for approaching you in the areas of interest specified by you.
2. Refund Policy: Amount once paid, will not be refunded. A refund may be initiated from our end, in case we are unable to conduct the training as per schedule. Further, if we are given sufficient advance notice of your unavailability for a course you registered for, we may let you choose other dates from the training schedule for that specific course.
3. Settlement of Disputes: In case of any dispute, with regard to refunds, trainings, and services provided, the parties shall endeavour to resolve the same through negotiations to reach an amicable settlement. In case of failure of negotiations or absence of settlement within 3 (three) weeks from either parties’ request to negotiate, the parties shall attempt mediation through a sole mediator jointly appointed by the parties in Gurgaon. The courts of Gurgaon will have exclusive jurisdiction.